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Two Truths and a Lie: The Real Story About the Insurance Company


Insurance companies are constantly promoting their care and protection for policyholders on the road. When they must help their own customers, they typically live up to the promises they make. However, when their policyholder is the one who is negligent, they often make life difficult for the claimant to whom they don’t provide coverage.

Unfortunately, not many people recognize this about the insurance company, and they often encounter obstacles when filing a claim. Understanding the real story regarding the insurance company can help you know what to expect in the process.

Truth #1: The Insurance Company Has a Primary Focus On Profits

You hear the advertisements all the time promising people they’re well taken care of by insurance companies. What they don’t tell you is that they care more about collecting on premiums than they are paying out claims.

They often lie if it means protecting their own bottom line, even if it means an innocently injured party gets nothing for their damages.

Truth #2: The Insurance Company Is Backed By a Large Legal Team

Far too many people think they can go through this process on their own. They often run into the brick wall that is the other party’s insurance company—and the large legal team representing the corporation. The main job of this legal team is to find ways to pay our as little as possible.

Because of the amount at stake in these cases, you should know your own ways to protect your rights—mainly, having your own legal representation to back you throughout the case.

The Lie: The Settlement Offer Is the Most You Can Receive

The insurance company wants to end a claim quickly and with the smallest hit to their profit as possible. As such, they’ll try to offer an inadequate settlement in hopes that you need the money, and that they can convince you that the settlement is the most you can get.

Don’t believe this tactic. You can seek maximum compensation and you can learn whether it is better for you to accept a settlement or go through the process to pursue more. Our team at McGee, Lerer & Associates will be there to help you every step of the way.

Rely on our Santa Monica car accident attorneys to put your needs first and protect your rights from start to finish.

Call our firm today at (310) 231-9717.

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