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Surge in Street Racing During Coronavirus

Red car and blue car race down the street

The coronavirus has resulted in a surge in street racing accidents as drivers have turned the empty roadways into their personal playgrounds. California Highway Patrol officers are reporting that throughout the state they are seeing an increase in street racing and an increase in street racing accidents.

Brazen Takeover of Streets by Road Racers

In Los Angeles, road racers have become increasingly brazen in taking over public roadways, due to the minimal number of vehicles on the road. Road racers are organizing takeovers at popular intersections, including near the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. According to police, street racers may assume that law enforcement is busy dealing with the pandemic and will ignore them.

Road Racing Poses Danger to Pedestrians

The random nature of road racing poses a particular danger to unwitting pedestrians, who may have no idea that a race is taking place. A pedestrian who is hit by a street racer will most likely be permanently injured or killed in these types of accidents due to the high speeds of the drivers. Additionally, racers may be more likely to hit and run, leaving pedestrian accident victims and witnesses unable to identify negligent drivers.

Everyday Drivers are Speeding During the Pandemic

Not only are street racing enthusiasts capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic, but everyday drivers are also taking advantage of the open roadways. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has reported that speeds are up to 30% higher on city streets. There has been a spike in speeding tickets issued for drivers traveling in excess of 100 mph.

Speeding Vehicles can Result in Serious Injury Accidents

The higher the speeds involved in a car accident, the greater the injury to the vehicle occupants or pedestrians hit by the speeding vehicles. If you or a loved one has suffered injury as the result of a street racing accident, call McGee, Lerer & Associates for a free consultation. Injury victims are entitled to full compensation for their past and future pain.

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