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I Was in Rear-end Collision. My Injury Attorney Doesn’t Handle Diminished Value Claims

back of vehicle that was damaged


I was involved in a rear-collision accident. I was not at fault. I already have a lawyer who is representing me for my injuries. But I also want to make a diminished value claim and my attorney said he doesn’t handle that. My vehicle now has frame damage and I lost a lot of equity on the vehicle. My car is worth way less now after the accident. I got a Carmax quote which was less because of the frame damage on the vehicle. I would like to file a diminished value claim. Please let me know if this is something you can help me with.


It’s unfortunate, but true – most car accident attorneys in California do not handle diminished value claims. They have no experience and don’t want to hassle with the pushback they’ll get from the insurance company.

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we do handle diminished value claims, but we only handle them if we are also representing the car accident victim on their injury claim. The reason: we simply can’t afford to take stand-alone diminished value claims.

If your car sustained significant damage in a car crash, but not enough to total it, then we absolutely recommend that you pursue a diminished value claim. Why should you walk away from this loss? Make them pay.

If you have already have an injury attorney, you are welcome to call us and run the case by us. Consultations are free. You may decide that you want to change attorneys. Then we can handle both your injury claim and your diminished value claim. Know that it will not cost you anything additional if you decide to change attorneys. There is still only one attorney fee. That fee will be divided between the first and second law firm.

Call now for a free consultation.

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