Childhood Sexual Abuse by Eric Uller of PAL

Were You a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Eric Uller of the Police Activities League (PAL)?

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Were you a victim of childhood sexual abuse by Eric Uller of the Police Activities League (PAL)? PAL is an after school organization run by the city of Santa Monica. Eric Uller, a volunteer with PAL, sexually assaulted over 100 teenage boys during his time with the organization.

The abuse began in 1986 and continued into the 2000s. It involved young Latino boys mostly from the Santa Monica’s Pico Neighborhood. Uller targeted vulnerable, underprivileged boys, often from single family homes. Uller used his position as a volunteer at the Santa Monica Police Activities League to gain access to, groom, and abuse the boys. At least one employee with PAL attempted to sound the alarm about what Uller was doing, but her concerns were not taken seriously.

Santa Monica has Paid Over $100M to Uller’s Victims so far

Eventually, Uller’s victims began to speak out and make claims against the City of Santa Monica and PAL, for failing to protect them from Uller’s abuse. This led to the City of Santa Monica settling with over 100 of the victims for over $100 million. However, it is believed that there are many more victims who have yet to come forward. Most of the victims lived in or near Santa Monica at the time and many of them are now in their 30s to 50s.

Deadline to File a Lawsuit is 12/31/2022

Unfortunately, because of how long ago the abuse happened, time is running out for Uller’s remaining victims to hold those at fault for their abuse accountable. In 2019, Assembly Bill 218 was enacted. Even if the abuse occurred years ago, this bill gives victims until December 31, 2022 to file a sexual abuse lawsuit.

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Are Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Eric Uller of PAL Entitled to Compensation?

Children who have been sexually abused can struggle to recover emotionally for the rest of their lives. Those who experienced childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Eric Uller are entitled to compensation for the abuse they endured and for the negative impact it has had on their physical and mental health in the decades since.

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