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Have California Laws Concerning Electric Scooters Changed Over the Last Year?


With a visit to any major city, you’ll probably see plenty of electric scooters laying around. While these vehicles have grown in popularity over the past few years, laws pertaining to the usage of these vehicles have changed across the country in the past year.


This is, in part, due to the increased amount of injuries sustained on these motorized devices. In fact, a recent study by Consumer Reports shows that at least eight people died and another 1,500 were injured in electric scooter accidents since the fall of 2017 (less than a two-year span).

California Helmet Law Changes

Some cities and states have enacted local bans on electric scooters in order to further prevent injuries from occurring. Most recently in California, helmet laws surrounding electric scooters changed, but the laws were made less strict than before, something that has been met with some debate.


Prior to the law change, helmet usage required all riders, regardless of what age, to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter or risk a $200 fine. Some found that this limited who could ride an electric scooter to those who had a helmet with them at the time, although a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that less than 1% of electric scooter riders wore helmets.


The new law implemented this year no longer requires riders 18 and older to wear helmets while riding electric scooters. This could mean even more injuries sustained in electric scooter accidents, considering the same study from the CDC showed that nearly half (48%) of riders had injuries to the head.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

If you’ve been injured on or by an electric scooter, remember that you can always turn to McGee, Lerer & Associates for aggressive and effective legal advocates in your corner. We will look at your case to determine fault and how to go about pursuing compensation for your injuries.


Contact our firm at (310) 231-9717 to schedule your no-fee, no obligation consultation.

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