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In a Car Accident. My Attorney Is Not Calling Me Back.

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I was injured in a car accident that was another driver’s fault. I hired a lawyer. I have no idea what the status of my case is. My lawyer doesn’t call me back. Can I change attorneys? Will it cost me more money?


If your attorney is not returning your calls or emails, that’s a sign that you should consider changing attorneys. Clearly, your case is not a priority for the lawyer. Your law firm should be updating you on the status of your case. They should be checking in with you to see how treatment is going and whether you are happy with the medical treatment you are receiving. They should also be updating you on the business side of the case: has the other side accepting fault. What’s the policy limit? Has your attorney sent a settlement demand letter? If not, when do they plan to?

No Call Backs? Your Attorney may have Bigger Fish to Fry

If you are law firm is not staying in regular touch with you, there is a good chance that there is nothing going on with your case. Your file may be sitting in the lawyer’s file cabinet collecting dust. If he or she is not calling you back, the lawyer likely not pushing your case forward, towards resolution.

Your attorney may be focused on his or her bigger cases, and your case has fallen by the wayside.

It Costs you Nothing to Change Attorneys

If you change attorneys, you need not worry that it will cost you additional money. You will still only pay one attorney fee, when the case settles. That one attorney fee will be divided between your first lawyer and your second lawyer, based on how much work each did and how much their efforts contributed to the settlement.


At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we provide free confidential second opinions. Give us a call. We’ll ask you the questions we need answers to in order for us to render an opinion on whether you should stay with your current attorney or give him or her the boot.

Know that the longer nothing is happening on your case, the worse for your case. You need to know that an attorney is actively moving your case towards resolution. If you’re hearing crickets from your law firm, it’s time to find a new attorney, or at least get a second opinion.

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