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Suffered a Dog Bite and Need Plastic Surgery?


Dog bites can leave ugly scars, particularly dog bites to the face. We have represented many children and adults over the years who have suffered vicious facial lacerations due to a dog attack. When the injury is to the face, it is of utmost importance that the victim being evaluated by a plastic surgeon to determine whether cosmetic surgery is or will be needed in the future. This evaluation needs to be done before the victim's dog bite case is settled.

What if you don't have the money for a cosmetic surgery consultation? If your attorney is a personal injury specialist, he or she can refer you to a plastic surgeon who will treat you on a lien basis. A lien means that the doctor agrees to wait to be paid until your case resolves.

The plastic surgeon will write a report discussing you or your child's injuries, whether the scars are likely to diminish in the future, whether plastic surgery is recommended, and what it will cost.

If you settle your case without a plastic surgery consultation, your claim may only involve a couple thousand dollars in medical bills, i.e., an emergency room visit and a few follow-up visits to a doctor. If that is the only documentation that you present to the insurance adjuster, the adjuster will make you a low settlement offer. The adjuster won't consider and pay you for future cosmetic surgery unless you present a plastic surgeon's report.

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we are a Los Angeles law firm that specializes in dog bite cases. We can refer you to a cosmetic surgeon who will treat you on a lien basis. If you have scars from a dog bite attack, do not settle your dog bite case until you are evaluated by a plastic surgeon. Call our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers for a free consultation: (800) 999-9948.

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